Our Approach

Rocket Science is an evolving paradigm for the new world of ongoing change.

Our work goes beyond the familiar language and clichés around change. We are experts in guiding clients through the complex emotional landscape of real transformation. The result is not just new words, but new capability: to invent, engage, motivate and lead evolution again and again and again and again and…

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Visualizing Rocket Science

In the old world, organizations used visions, missions and values to align a team around a common goal. Data-driven processes tried to forecast a likely future; planning processes focused on outputs, results and implementation. People dynamics were only important insofar as they contributed to the bottom line.

In the new world, organizations are simultaneously operating existing business, developing new business, transitioning out of old business and monitoring the changing landscape. Planning processes create desirable futures, rather than reacting. In this volatile environment, emotional dynamics take on greater importance; creativity, collaboration and motivating communication are essential.

Two Core Mindsets of Rocket Science


Backcasting is about reverse engineering a desired future. It starts from where you want to be and then creates the steps to get there—transcending linear strategic planning.

Emergent Change

Unlike planned change, which is assumed to have a beginning, middle and end, Emergent Change is about continually aligning and realigning to the evolving world. It makes change a dynamic facilitated process—rather than something mandated from the top down.

Our customized process helps clients integrate and embrace change.

(4-6 WEEKS)

Peeling back the layers for a more complete view of underlying organizational dynamics—giving you deeper understanding of what’s really behind operational challenges.

(1-2 MONTHS)

Targeted interventions facilitate disruptive conversations and introduce new approaches. This challenging step is essential for real change.

(1-2 MONTHS)

Design processes and think tanks engage the team in generating solutions; old processes are halted; new mindsets empower greater participation, innovation and excitement.

(1-2 MONTHS)

Integrative tools are introduced to facilitate the new ecosystem. Transformational workshops refocus the team. Improved mental health prepares the team for future evolution.

“The outcomes of working with Rocket Science were richer, deeper and more expansive than anything that I could have imagined at the start of the engagement.”
Matt Landau

Who We Work With

We work with clients who design best practice instead of following it.

Our clients are a new category of CEOs and senior leaders who recognize that their primary responsibility is to guide organizational evolution. We help these clients work with the interplay of functional and emotional dynamics, so they can more effectively integrate new systems, mindsets and skills into themselves and their teams.

On one hand, we help clients work through emotional and people management obstacles, strengthening their facilitative practice and visionary creativity. At the same time, we help clients make customized adaptations to their business processes and systems, so their teams can operate with greater flexibility, fulfillment and self-determination.

By broadening the considerations of leadership, clients build a new foundation of adaptability; they become more effective and compassionate communicators; they find solutions that transcend where they’ve been, reimagining their teams and their industries in the process. The interplay between function and emotion is the key. Rocket Science is a liberating, efficient and sensible response to the new world of ongoing evolution.

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