Change how you change.

Today, stability equals adaptability.

Rocket Science is an innovation advisor that facilitates individual, team and organizational transformation.

Who was ready for 2020? In an instant, the whole world changed. For decades, the goal of business had been predictability and control. 2020 cracked the foundation. It shattered old concepts about how the world works. 

In the new world, stability equals adaptability. Leadership requires continuously rethinking systems and redefining solutions, refocusing goals and reimagining narratives on an ongoing basis. Working in this way requires an evolution in processes and goals; it also requires an inner shift that enables new perspectives, skills and levels of consciousness. At Rocket Science, we facilitate both. 

Our work goes beyond the familiar language and clichés around change. We are experts in guiding clients through the complex emotional landscape of real transformation. The result is not just new words, but new capability: to invent, engage, motivate and lead evolution again and again and again and again and… 

Transformational Consulting Engagements

Guiding unique change processes for organizational teams.

Skills-Based Learning: Workshops, Retreats and More

Integrating next-level communication, collaboration and creative problem solving.​

Speaking Engagements and Conference Workshops

Introducing new paradigms, mindsets and tactics​

"Working with Rocket Science was richer, deeper and more expansive than anything that I could have imagined."
Matt Landau

Our clients are a new category of CEOs and senior leaders who recognize that their primary responsibility is to guide organizational evolution. We help these clients work with the interplay of functional and emotional dynamics, so they can more effectively integrate new systems, mindsets and skills into themselves and their teams.

We have worked with a range of small and medium-sized organizations across industries.